Annabelle: Doesn’t Bring Home the Scares

I wanted more scares! Let’s face it dolls are creepy AF! My husband and daughter won’t let any be kept in our bedrooms, I have a few from my granfmothers. So they live in the livingroom. My first experience with the idea of scary dolls was the 1987 movie “Dolls ” by Stuart Gordon. Stupid creepy.

This movie, part of the conjuring universe takes place one year after Annabelle is taken home to Ed and Loraine Waren house for safe keeping. The babysitter has a friend over who let’s Annabelle out.

There is a SLOW build to scares and the final pay off. It involves children and is supposed to be based on real life events. There are some good comic moments, a few well done camera angles and one ghost that is legitimately gave me a good scare. Otherwise no one in my theater was jumping. No one was talking on their way out. You’d think we had just watched a drama. I hate to say this again, but watch this one at home! The series is definitely losing it’s gas.

Annabelle Comes Home (US release date 6/36/2029)

Director Gary Dauberman

Writer James Wan and Gary Dauberman

Cast McKenna Grace, Madison Iseman, Katir Sarife, Michael Cimino, Vira Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Samiara Lee


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