Yesterday: Nearly a Perfect Hit!

In my home growing up, the Beatles was part of my musical education. My parents, being hippies, introduced me to the Beatles, the Steve Miller Band, and John Taylor. Not only did I have Sgt Pepper Lonelyhearts Club Band on record, but when it was rereleased in theaters we went to see the movie too. Every year I watched the Yellow Submarine on TV. They were two of my favorite musicals growing up, aside from Grease of course. So yeah, I was excited for this movie.

So what did I think? For starters, Himesh Patel is a standout. Not only does he do a fantastic job acting in the movie, his facial expressions are perfect, but his singing is great. He gets the emotional tone of each song spot on. While yesterday was poignant, Help Me was a cry of frustration and desperation. Then at the same time you get moments where you see he knows nothing about the songs except the words and melody. Why? He didn’t write them.

The twist in the movie are genuinely unexpected but fit the story line beautifully.

Ed Sheeran does a great job portraying himself. Unsurprisingly Kate McKinnon is awesome. I adored his parents played by Sanjeev Bashkar and Meera Syal.

The only part of the story I could have done without is the romance between Jack and Ellie. Are we really supposed to believe that this woman who has been his biggest fan and supporter since the 6th grade suddenly finds she cannot support him when he becomes famous? Of course this movie is written by a man because they cannot write a good role for a woman. I would have believed it if she had realised the songs weren’t his on her own, found his behavior suspicious, or just got fed up and said “I can’t keep waiting for you to love me so bye” and made a clean break. Instead their entire love story is that he must choose between success and her, even though until now she’s the one who has been pushing him to pursue his career. I liked the moral delimea about taking credit for the songs. But the love story needed major rewriting. I did not mind how it all ended up so over all I say finish reading and go get your tickets.

Yesterday (US release date 6/28/2019)

Director Danny Boyle

Writers Jack Barth. Richard Curtis

Cast Himesh Patel, Lily James, Mira Syal, Kate McKinnon, Ed Sheeran, Joe, Fry, Sanjeev Bhaskar


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